Monday, June 18, 2012

The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom 1750-1925

I have had this book for years and did not know that my ancestors were included until a couple of weeks ago. As you can see, it is a used book that I purchased from Half Price Books in Berkeley, California. I bought it as a reference on plantation life for an article I was writing.

On May 31, 2012, I received an email from my cousin, Michael Willis, that had been written by Shawn Taylor, another cousin. Shawn related that excerpts from The Black Family in Slavery and Freedom 1725-1925 by Herbert G. Gutman contained the names and birth dates of our Morgan family.   This is what I learned from Shawn's email and the book:
  • My ancestors resided on the Stirling Plantation in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. The owner of the plantation was Lewis Stirling.
  • My second great grandparents are George Morgan and Linda Weathers. George was also known as Long George. Linda's name was spelled Linder.
  • George and Linda had ten childen. Their names and births were listed in a registry. They are George 9 Dec 1836, Lewis 1838, David 1840, Roseale 1842(deceased), Luke 1844, Ann 1845, Jim 1847, Wilson 1849, Martha, my great grandmother, 8 July 1851, and Roseale 1855.
  • Leven and Judy Weathers are Linda's parents and my third great grandparents.
The following chidren were listed on the registry as children of George and Linda  but in other places in the book, they are identified as Linda's children and no father was listed:
  • Cecile, daughter of Linder & Long George, born the 17th of Jan 1833.
  • Primus, son of Linder and & Long George, born 21 August, 1834.


  1. My name is Osbern Sterling. I have been doing my family research for about two years and I believe Primus Stirling is my great great grandfather. He had a son by Antoinette named Duncan, he is my great grandfather. I also am in contact with a great great grandchild on Cecile. That you so much for this information!!!!!!!! I would love to know where our family was before 1808!!

    1. Hi Osbern,

      I would like to communicate with you about Primus,Cecile and other Sterlings. There are a bunch of cousins who are researching the Sterlings. i would like to introduce you to Michael Willis who organized the group. Please send me your email address.

      The birth record that I have states: Primus son of Linder & L(ong) George born August 21th 1834. Above that statement was written this: died of Port Hudson July 1864.

      Cousin Shawn Taylor said that Cecile father was Virgil Bryant or Briant. This probably Primus' father. too. Linda had these two children before she married George.


    2. Osbern,
      My name is Keri Sterling and my husband, Peter Sterling just recently had his DNA tested on 23andme. You came up as one of his relatives. We would love to find out more about his African ancestry. If you have any information please email me at

  2. Hi Patricia, my email address is I am so happy to hear from you and the info you provided. I the book above it hinted that Lewis Stirling may have been Primus and Cecile's father. I started a group on facebook called the Sterling Family. There are Decendents of Cecile on the page.

  3. Primus Sterling is my wife's (Leila Welch) g-g grandfather, g-grandmother Cora Stirling, grandfather Chris Reynolds, mother Eliizie Reynolds