Sunday, January 13, 2013


The following birth dates were found on the document, Record of the Births of Negroes all now Living taken from Original Record January 20th 1846 by Lewis Stirling. The names were provided by Suzanne, a cousin who viewed my blog and discovered that we are related.

Adam, son of Sarah & Barika, was born April 29, 1826; died May 201892
Ned, son of Sarah, was born 19 May 1839
Ed(ith)?, daughter of Sarah, born August 7,1858; died aAugust 1865
Fanny, daughter of Sarah,was born Nobember 15, 1824
Rose, daughter of Sarah & Barika, born March 29, 1830 at night; died_ 1850
Delily, daughter of Sarah, was born Feb 20, 1814
Nelly, daughter of Sarah, was born March 1818

Marion, daughter of Adam and Margaret, ws born September 17, 1861;died may 7, 1862
Charlotte, daughter of Adam& Margaret, was born Aug 1st or 7, 1865
Ruffin, son of Adam & Margaret, born June? 25, 1852
No name provided, son of Adam & Margaret, was born January 31, 1857

Harriet, daughter of Yanko & L(ittle) Judy, born September 5, 1823
Major, son of Yanko and L Judy, born March 29, 1830 at night; died _ 1850
Jack, son of L Judy & Yanko, born 4, 1831
Hannah, daughter of Yanko & L Judy, was born August 1812
Liddy, daughter of (Do) Yanko & L Judy, was born march 1815
Peter, daughter of (Do) Yanko & L Judy, was born March 1820;died 1845
Washington, son of L Judy & Yanco, was born 17 May 1827

Jack, son of Delily, born July 3, 1835; House George the father
Richard, son of Delily, was born March 28, 1851
Joe, son of Delily & Big Ben, born September 21, 1839
Stephen, son of Delily & Ben, born April 26, 1861
Henrietta, daughter of Ben & Delily, was born April 28, 1849
Sally, daughter of Delily, born August 26, 1837 dead
Delia, daughter of Delily &Ben, born 17 July 1841
Wiley, son of Delily, born May 21, 1843
Winney, daughter of Delily & Ben, was born June 29, 1845

Barica, son of Nelly, born 19 May 1839
Sam, son of  Ben & Nelly, was born March 1817
Sam, son of Nelly, was born Feb 1809
Lucy, daughter of Nelly, was born June 12, 1841
Riley, son of Erwin & Nelly was born April 28, 1849
Charles, son of Nelly an Erwin was born March 10, 1850; died July 1855
Edmonds, son of Nelly, was born September 21, 1843
Mary, duaghter of Nelly, & Erwin, was born September 20, 1845/died 47
Isabelle. daughter of Nelly, born August 9, 1836
Sarah, daughter of C_ __? & Nelly, born about middle  of March 1852
John Wedinstraud, son of Erwin and Nelly, born May 1, 1854

Hannah, daughter of Affy & Jack White, was born Dec 29, 1856 at night
Lad, son of Jack White and Affy, was born oct 27, 1854

John Anderson, son of Charlotte & Bartlet, was born Dec 2, 1825
Allen, son of Bartlet and Charlotte was born Feb 1817
John Butler, son of Charlotte, born June? 12, 1852

Joe, son of Big Hannah & Joe at Solitude, born Nov 24, 1834
Mary, daugher of Charlotte, was born jan 10 1856 at night

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lewis Stirling, slaveholder

Lewis Stirling was the slaveholder of my Morgan and Weathers ancestors. My family lived on his Wakefield plantation in St. Francisville, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. The Wakefield was a large cotton and sugar plantation.

Lewis Stirling was born in 1786 to Alexander and Ann Alston Stirling. On July 14, 1807 he married Sarah Turnbull and resided at the Wakefield which was built in 1834. Prior to that they lived in a log cabin which he built in 1807, the same year that my great-great grandfather, George Morgan, was born on that plantation.

Stirling was a lieutenant in the 10th Regiment of the Louisiana Militia during the War of 1812. he received a commisson as quartermaster of that regiment from Gov. William C.C. Claiborne.

The Stirling had six children: Catherine, Anne, James, Lewis, Daniel and Ruffin. Stirling died in 1858 before the Civil War. During the war, the Stirlings and and a number of their slaves moved to Natchitoches, Louisiana and then to Texas where they lived until the war was over. Lewis Stirling, Jr. served as a colonel during the Civil War.