Monday, October 23, 2017


     Rachel Butler Hicks (seated), Henry Hicks, spouse (left), Beverly Hicks, son, (right)
courtesy of Katie Poll Primas, granddaughter of Beverly Hicks

After reading the New York Times' article about the Jesuit slaveholdings, Katie Poll Primas sent me this photograph of my great grandparents, Rachel and Henry Hicks, and their son Beverly. Katy is the granddaughter of Beverly Hicks. I never thought that I would see the faces of my geat grandparents because they were deceased when I was born. With the photo, Katy included the message "hoping this will help you."  Beverly is the older brother of Nace Hicks, my grandfather.

Rachel Butler was born into slavery on Jesse Batey's Maringuion Plantation in 1853. She was the daughter of two of the original Jesuit slaves, James Scott, born 1816, and Mary Butler, born in 1835. Rachel is also the granddaughter of four Jesuit slaves,  Bennett and Clare Scott and Nace and Biby Butler who were sold to Batey in 1838. This is a photo of my great grandmother who was a child of Jesuit slaves and who was enslaved with them and her grandparents on Jesse Batey's plantation. Henry Hicks, my great grandfather, was born in Virginia around i851.  It is not known how and when he arrived in Louisiana.


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  2. Hello I took a DNA test in August of 2016 and since then have connected with a few immediate family members such as my mom’s maternal 2nd cousins. Our common surnames we share are Hawkins, Butler and Barnes. Come to find out fast forward to now I and both 2nd cousins who have Dna tested have found our family is descended from Frank Hawkins who married Biby Ann Butler and Isaac Hawkins. I have been in communication with Ms. Riffel and Mr. Cellini about my family’s connection. Our lineage was sold from Lousiana to Alabam and Arkansas. A split up that ended with one sister in Arkansas one sister in Alabama and one sister in Lousiana with relatives. I would love to talk with you more. My email is

    I’m so glad to come across your blog!