Monday, April 8, 2013

St. Mary's Church Cemetery, Wakefield, Louisiana

My grandmother is buried in an unmarked grave in St. Mary's Cemetery.  The graves from left to right are: Sullivan Johnson, son of Carrie Taylor Bayonne and Mack Johnson; Carrie Taylor Bayonne, my grandmother; Ida Taylor Walker, Carrie's sister. 

Sullivan's grave has a marker which states that he was born Feb.2, 1908 and died Jan.26, 1983.

Carrie's grave is unmarked.  She was born on November 29, 1890 and died on Sunday, October 11, 1959.  I was home for the weekend from Southern University in Baton Rouge when we received the call that she had passed. Grandmother Carrie was living with her sister, Ida at 2631 Conti Street in New Orleans. I attended the funeral in Wakefield at St. Mary's Church on October 14, 1959.

Funeral were inexpensive in those days. The casket, complete funeral services and the use of three sedans to Wakefield were $752.80! That may have seemed like a lot of money at the time, but it is nothing compared to today's funeral expenses.

Ida Taylor Walker is buried next to Carrie.  Her grave is unmarked, too. I was living in California when she died and I don't remember the date of her death and I have not been able to locate a death certificate for her.

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