Monday, February 4, 2013


Wilma Elizabeth Hicks
Our family lost another member on September 28, 2012. My aunt Wilma died four days before Jerry and I were supposed to leave for South Ecuador.  We canceled our trip and attended the funeral instead.

Wilma was the second child of Wilie Estes Hcks and Nace Hicks, Sr. My mother, Gussie, was the first born.  As the first grandchild in the Hicks/Estes family, I received a lot of attention from Mom's siblings, especially from Wilma.  After my birth, Wilma assisted Mom in caring for me; she did a lot of babysitting which did not always happen at the house. Anyone who knew Wilma at that time, knew that she loved to party and had a few favorite bars that she patronized. Wilma took me to the bars while babysitting.  Mom often said that I had been in more bars than she had. Smile. Nowadays, this could not have happened as minors are not allowed, but in the good old days I went bar hopping with my beloved aunt.

Although Dad loved all of the Hicks girls, Wilma, "Bill" as he affectionately called her, was his favorite. He loved her very much, especially her buoyant joy of life.

When I was a young girl, many people thought that I looked like Wilma. Some even said that we looked more like mother and daughter than aunt and niece. I loved being compared to her because of her beauty, fashion sense, dedication to family and her passion for life.

Wilma was a wonderful aunt. Her life was well lived and her soul was well loved.  She will be forever in our hearts.
4 & 13 February 2013   

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