Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Lewis Stirling, slaveholder

Lewis Stirling was the slaveholder of my Morgan and Weathers ancestors. My family lived on his Wakefield plantation in St. Francisville, West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana. The Wakefield was a large cotton and sugar plantation.

Lewis Stirling was born in 1786 to Alexander and Ann Alston Stirling. On July 14, 1807 he married Sarah Turnbull and resided at the Wakefield which was built in 1834. Prior to that they lived in a log cabin which he built in 1807, the same year that my great-great grandfather, George Morgan, was born on that plantation.

Stirling was a lieutenant in the 10th Regiment of the Louisiana Militia during the War of 1812. he received a commisson as quartermaster of that regiment from Gov. William C.C. Claiborne.

The Stirling had six children: Catherine, Anne, James, Lewis, Daniel and Ruffin. Stirling died in 1858 before the Civil War. During the war, the Stirlings and and a number of their slaves moved to Natchitoches, Louisiana and then to Texas where they lived until the war was over. Lewis Stirling, Jr. served as a colonel during the Civil War.


  1. Greetings! I've enjoyed reading your blog. Lewis Stirling was the owner of my Sterling ancestors. I'm from the lineage of Barika and Sarah Sterling who lived on the Wakefield Plantation along with the Morgans and Weathers. Sarah's daughter Nelly (Barika's step daughter)married Leven and Judy Weathers son Erwin. My lineage continues with Barika and Sarah son Adam and his wife Margaret. I was surprised to learn how many of the Sterling slaves did not keep the name Sterling. Adam's wife Margaret, family did not keep the Sterling name. I am currently trying to confirm Margaret's maiden name. Adam and Margaret's son Ruffin's death certificate states that it was Jones. However I believe I have also discovered their daughter Charlotte's death certificate which states it was Clabon (Claiborne). Margaret's mother, "Big" Hannah parents were Jack "Yanko" and Judy White. According to the 1880 census report Hannah's brother who was also named Jack listed both his parents birth place as (drumroll please).....Africa. This was truly an exciting discovery. I look forward to reading your future blogs

    1. Hello cousin,

      I would like to communicate with you about the Weathers family. I have seen Barika's name on the Stirling Birth Registers and I plan to review these records for more information now that you have provided me with names that are connected to my ancestors.

      Not all of the slaves took the Sterling name but there are family members who did. I would like to introduce you to Michael Willis who has brought many cousins together who are related to the Morgans, Weathers, Taylors and Sterlings. So could you please provide your name and your email address so that you can be hooked up to the group.

      You, too, have provide some exciting info and the family is growing as a result!

      Patricia Pbj524@aol.com

  2. I am happy that I was able to add some new discoveries to the family tree. I have some information on the Weathers and Morgans that I will be very happy to share. You may already know what I have. I have your email address and I will contact you soon.

  3. My name is Volta J. Sterling 3rd ,I came across your blog page wanting to know my families lineage. I was able to do a little independent research from online census reports and family relatives. I was overcome with excitement to know that Lewis Stirling Plantation may have been the birthplace of some of my relatives. I will be back home of Fordoche, LA during the Christmas holidays to explore the records at the LSU library. I was able to find up to my third great-grandparents Prince and Antoinette Sterling. According to 1900 Census Prince was born Oct 1845 and Antoinette May 1855. If there is any information that you know of will be much obliged.