Wednesday, May 23, 2012


My great-great grandfather, Nelson Taylor, Sr. and his family, were among the slaves sold after the death of slave holder Josias Gray beginning on December 19, 1842.  The family was not identified in the order, but they were named in the Probate Sale of Josias Gray December 19, 20 & 21st A.D. 1843.
"Negro man,named Nelson, age 30 years, his wife, Negro woman named Lethe age 30 years and her four children: girl named Mandy age six years, Little Nelson age four years, girl named Eliza age two years and girl named Malvina age six months were offered for sale to the highest bidder, adjudication to Henry H. Wall who sign hereto and John A. J. Hamilton - who sign as his security, both agreeing to comply with the terms (illeligible)     - adjudication of the sum of __? two thousand one hundred forty dollars."  transcription of the Probate Sale of Josias Gray, deceased , December 19,20 &21 A.D. 1843

above quote:  From Natchez to New Orleans CD, Slave, Slave Holders & Slavery in the Woodville Republican & Wilkerson Advertisers 1823-1849.

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