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Bolden Taylor was the ninth child of Harris and Susie Taylor. He was born on November 27, 1927. He shared the following commonalities with his father, Harris:

    *Both men were born on November 27.
    *Both men were wise gentle souls who treasured the importance of traditional family values.
    *Both men educated in Louisiana Public Schools.
    *Both men possessed a strong and solid work ethic.

During the era of De jure racial segregation of the Deep South, Harris Taylor maintained employment at the U.S. Veterans Hospital in New Orleans, LA. For over twenty years, Bolden worked at Alan Industries located in Detroit, MI. Fellow employees remember him as a fun loving guy who was always available for new challenges.

Bolden was electrified and excited by the events following WWII. The allies victory inspired him to join the U.S. military. At the age of 17.5 years, he embarked on a worldwide journey of diligence and adventure. It began at his cousin's home, Harold Bayonne, who resided in New Orleans, Louisiana. In this city, he enlisted in the Army. Throughout his two-year military career, he traveled throughout Europe. He was stationed in Landsburg, Germany. The different cultures and languages on the continent fascinated him. During his service to our nation, he received an Army of Occupation Medal and a WWII Victory Medal.

Upon returning to the states in 1947, he decided to settle in the "Big Easy." In this year, he married Grace Farris. Shortly afterward, they relocated to Detroit, MI. Four children were born to this union: Helen, Ellen, DeAnn  and Bolden, Jr.  Bolden, Jr. preceded him in death. Bolden succumbed to lung cancer at the age of 51. He was gone too soon.

Courtesy of Helen Hutchins

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